Reina Gossett



Jennifer Patterson




Fluctuations in Voice: A Genderqueer Response to Traumatic Violence

River Willow Fagan


Removing the Mask: AfroLez®femcentric Silence Breaker

Aishah Shahidah Simmons


Beyond the Binaries: Exclusive Dichotomies in the Anti-Sexual Violence Movement

Rousse Arielle


Queers Don't Do Sexual Violence, Do We?

Sandra Dickson


Mother -Daughter Sexual Abuse

Pam Mack


Infinity & the Construction of Safe Space

Samantha Barrick


Sweet Release: BDSM and Healing

Sinclair Sexsmith


Queering Healthy Sexuality

Emilee Coulter-Thompson


Welcome Effects: When Sexual Violence Turns Girls Queer

Jen LaBarbera 



Fuck Off



Page by Page

Scott Merillat


Two Poems

Bushra Rehman


These Bones

Jennifer Patterson


When Your Rape Doesn't Count

Sean Shannon


Now Is the Time to Speak Out

Nitika Raj


A Life of Healing

Mikaya Heart


Generations: Three Pieces

Angie River


Picture Perfect

E.F. Schraeder



Chelsey Clammer



No Means No

Kari Krome


Pussy in Chains

Michelley Queen of Queens


The Healing Journey as a Site of Resistance

billie rain



Clay River


The Long Drive Home

Keiko Lane


Compassion and Glitter

Chloe Dzubilo


Questions and Answers

Avory Faucette


Through a Queer Lens: Challenging Our Heteronormative Response to Women's Intimate Partner Violence

Peri L. Rainbow



Xiomara Castro 



Queering Child Sexual Abuse

Amita Yalgi Swadhin


All That Sheltering Emptiness

Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore


Holding the Pattern While Living Our Truth: Ida Hammer Speaking on Violence Against Trans Women, as told to Reina Gossett

Ida Hammer and Reina Gossett


Healing Queer: Story-telling, Self-determination, and Child Sexual Abuse

Caroline Picker


Reflections of a Black Queer Suicide Survivor

Darnell L. Moore


Notes from the Domestic Violence Casebook: Oppression of Queer Clients by Queer Service Providers

Giselle Renarde


Not a Good Survivor

Sassafras Lowrey


My Justice Is Her Justice: Toward a New Vision of Survivorhood

Katherine Scott Nelson